Supply Chain Management



This course covers a comprehensive breadth of supply chain topics in depth, and addresses the major challenges in this area. It includes many classic and new case studies, numerous examples as well as  in-depth analyses of some of the technical issues involved in inventory management, network design, and strategic partnering, to name a few. It is therefore an ideal course at the undergraduate, Master’s, and M.B.A levels. Each chapter is self-contained and instructors can pick the chapters they want to use depending on the length of the class and its requirement. Since many companies view supply chain management as the core of their business strategy, this course also will be of interest to managers involved in any of the processes that make up the supply chain.
We have offered this course to exchange students from the United States,Germany,Australia and Britain since 2011. Besides, SMU signed the contract with universities in West Africa to provide the cooperative project of logistics management at undergraduate level in 2012, and supply chain management is the important and basic course and it was taught to 36 students from West Africa at SMU in 2012.



CREDIT HOURS: Total credit hours 72 :Teaching in class: 70;  Lab 0   



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