News & Events

[Dec 20] Jane Lin: Emerging Trends in Last‐mile Logistics: How green are they? Dec 11, 2019
[Nov 04-29] Dr. Perakis Anastassios Nicholas:Maritime Economics Nov 02, 2019
Orientation for the New Batch of SMU - RMU Joint Logistics Management Program Oct 24, 2019
[Oct 22-25] Seminar Oct 16, 2019
[Oct 19] Kevin Li: Research and publication in maritime studies Oct 16, 2019
[Sep 27] Qing Cai: In the Era of Digitalization: Better Transportation Safety Prediction with High-Resolution Data Sep 20, 2019
[Sep 11] Achim I. Czerny: Airport Congestion with Business and Leisure Passengers: Prices vs. Permits Under Uncertainty Sep 05, 2019
[Sep 11] Anming Zhang: Challenges and opportunities of aviation industry under increasing environmental concern: Amsterdam and Hong Kong airports Aug 30, 2019
[Jul 02] Seminar on Smart Cities Jun 28, 2019
[Jun 11] Hu SHAO: An energy-efficient reliable path finding algorithm for stochastic road networks with electric vehicles Jun 04, 2019
[Jun 05] Zhen LU: Green technology adoption for fleet deployment in a shipping network Jun 03, 2019
[May 29] Zhijia Tan: Evacuating the metro passengers with urban bus system under uncertain disruption recovery time and heterogeneous risk-taking behavior May 27, 2019
[May 21] Can CHEN : A First Look at The Time to Adoption of Local Option Transportation Fuel Tax: Evidence from Florida Counties May 16, 2019
[May 20] Changmin Jiang: Northwest Passage: Current Research Landscape and New Research Opportunities May 15, 2019
[Apr 19] Yueyue Fan: Probability Density Estimation of Travel Demand: Integrating Sensor Data with Soft Information Apr 15, 2019
[Mar 05] Walter Zinn: An Overview of the State of Logistics in the US with Emphasis on Trends and Problems Feb 26, 2019
[Sep 13] Yanfeng Ouyang: Routing and Scheduling of Critical Resources: Some Challenges and Solutions Sep 06, 2018
[Sep 11] Anming Zhang: Air and high-speed rail competition and cooperation: Recent theoretical and empirical analyses & Adaptation to Climate Change Effects and CompetitionBetween Ports: Invest Now or Later? Sep 05, 2018
[Jul 13] Michael G H Bell: Designing ferry networks: Sydney Harbour as a case study Jul 06, 2018