Professional Association

Shipping Management Professional Committee of China Institute of Navigation


Shipping Management Professional Committee of China Institute of Navigation, founded in 1984, is a direct branch affiliated to China Institute of Navigation. Shanghai Maritime University has long been performing the direction role for Shipping Management Professional Committee and the College of Transport and Communications is in charge of the day-to-day affairs and activities.

At present, Prof. YU Shicheng, Chairman of University Council of SMU, is the director of Shipping Management Professional Committee while Prof. SHI Xin from College of Transport and Communications undertakes the responsibilities as the executive associate director and secretary general. The 78 members of the Committee, coming from over 200 shipping enterprises, research institutions and other relevant units in China, are either senior teachers or corporate management staff of middle and high levels.

Since its foundation, the Commission, by relying on its own discipline and talent strength, has organized many nationwide activities devoted to exchange of information, academic research and scientific advisory in the field of shipping management aiming at tracking world shipping development trends and improving port and shipping management level in China with respect to China’s actual situations. So far the Commission has organized more than 12 academic exchange activities, exchanged opinions on nearly 240 academic papers, and recommended more than 80 outstanding papers to China Institute of Navigation, which effectively promotes the development and cooperation among the production, teaching and research of the shipping management nationwide. The Committee’s magazine “Shipping Management” was awarded “Chinese University Technology Characteristic Journal Award” in 2008 by Science and Technology Division of the Ministry of Education, and was awarded excellence in Shanghai Journal Editing Quality Check in 2011.