Orientation for the New Batch of SMU - RMU Joint Logistics Management Program

On the 23rd of October 2019, the 2017 logistics management class of the joint program of Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and the Regional Maritime University (RMU) orientation were held.

The event was held at the International Education College (IEC), with Ms Li Hua, the long-term student coordinator of the IEC extended a warm welcome to the students on behalf of the University. She oriented students on the history of the institution, national laws for international students studying in China, university rules and regulations governing international students academic life, dormitory rules, the new provincial laws on garbage sorting, and others. Also, Ms Guo Xianfeng, an administrative management staff at the College of Transport and Communications (CCT) in charge of this program, gave a detailed introduction of their teaching arrangement, daily management and the requirement of Tianyuan scholarship application to the students. 

Senior students from Africa, Mr. Augustin Degbe Sewedo and Mr. Benjamin Ohene Kwapong Baffoe both former students of the joint program who are currently doing their doctoral studies in SMU, were invited to share their experiences with the students on their international student life on campus in areas such as dormitory management, overseas student insurance, campus safety, garbage sorting and other aspects respectively. They especially encouraged them to work hard in fulfilling their academic objective of being in China by abiding by the laws and relevant regulations of P.R. China and the University. The students were admonished to be good ambassadors to continue the friendly and cooperative relations between China and Africa.

At the end of the program, the students expressed their gratitude and optimism about how this joint program will guide their future studies and also help them better fulfil their learning objectives in China.

Visitation to the SMU History Museum and a campus tour was organized to climax the program.