[Oct 22-25] Seminar


Adolf K.Y. Ng,University of Manitoba, Canada



8:30 am. 22th-25rd, October, 2019



Rm. 109, College of Transport and Communications



2015-present   Professor (tenured) of Department of Supply Chain Management in University of Manitoba;

2016-present   Adjunct Professor, Centre for Earth Observation Sciences (CEOS)

Director of Transport Institute (UMTI)

Director of Graduate Program – Certificate in Logistics (C-Log)


Remarks: SCI/SSCI journals in *

E10* Senior Editor, European Journal of International Management

(Inderscience, 2017-present)

E9* Associate Editor, Maritime Policy & Management (Taylor & Francis, 2016-


E8 Associate Editor, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics (Elsevier,


E7 Co-Editor, Journal of Transport Literature (ITPS, 2013-16)

E6* Editorial Board Member, Journal of Transport Geography (JTG) (Elsevier,


E5* Editorial Board Member, Ocean and Coastal Management (Elsevier, 2016-


E4 Editorial Board Member, Sustainability (‘Sustainable Transportation’

section) (MDPI, 2018-present)

E3 Editorial Board Member, Journal of International Maritime Safety and

Environmental Affairs (JIMSEA) (Elsevier, 2016-present)

E2 Editorial Board Member, The Handbook of Climate Change Resilience

(Elsevier, 2018-present)

E1 Editorial Board Member, Book Series in Shipping, Port and Maritime

Logistics (Anthem Press, 2015-present)


Seminar I


Presentation Title

Development of the Port Industry



8:30 am. 22th October, 2019



This module introduces the changing relationship between port and the city. It includes the traditional contributions of ports to city/urban development and how such a relationship has changed since containerization. Also, port industrial areas and free-trade logistics zones are also introduced.



Seminar II


Presentation Title

Port Governance Models



8:30 am. 23rd, October, 2019



This module introduces the need for governance reforms in ports. The module introduces the major port governance models, the tools in achieving such models, and the major challenges. Finally, the institutional reforms of port authorities are also introduced.



Seminar III


Presentation Title

Port Logistics



8:30 am. 24rd, October, 2019



This module introduces the changing roles of ports in the global logistical and supply chain systems. The evolution of port-focal logistics, including the rise of satellite terminals/dry ports/inland terminals, is also introduced, notably on their changing roles and functions in facilitating global supply chain systems.



Seminar IV


Presentation Title

Port Competition



8:30 am. 25rd, October, 2019



Competition between ports become more intense than ever. This module introduces the changing relationships between ports and discusses why inter-port competition has become more intensified in recent decades. Also, this module focuses on the options that ports have in maintaining and enhancing their competitive positions, as well as the major challenges. The increasingly cooperative relationship between ports is also addressed.