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Holding a Ph.D. in Transportation Planning and Management from Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), Dr. Mei Sha currently is working as a professor and Dean of Management Department in Faculty of Transport & Communications at SMU. She was a visiting scholar in SUNY Maritime College from 2007 to 2008. She was selected as one of the five excellent academic leaders of Shanghai Maritime University in 2011.

She has extensive experiences in port management, shipping management and logistics management, and is actively involved in research/consulting activities for both public institutions and private sector clients. Funded by government or firms, she accomplished over thirty research projects, incl. modeling and simulation for container terminals, logistics project management, strategy of logistics enterprise, shipping management, and port management, etc. She published a number of papers in various journals and international conferences. Her book Generic Modeling and Simulation for Logistics Operations System for Container Terminals was published as one of Shanghai’s priority books by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press in 2009. She also compiled the textbook Supply Chain Management and Logistics in 2010 and translated Logistics Management: The Integrated Supply Chain Process by Donald J. Bowersox, et al. into Chinese as the third translator in 1999. She won various research awards such as China’s Port Association Awards and Shanghai Municipal Consultant Awards, and the teaching award of the first prize of Shanghai Municipal Teaching Results Awards. Moreover, with over 15 years of extensive and successful experience of teaching and researching in this field, Dr. Sha offers such courses as Supply Chain Management, Port Management, and Human Resource Management, etc. for undergraduates, postgraduates, and MBA, and training courses for firms.

Table 1 Projects she has applied for in the past five years








Sustainable Growth through Green and Secure Logistics

International conference project, Sino-German Center for Research Promotion of NSFC(GZ861)



Simulation modeling and dynamic evaluation of logistics operation capability for container terminals under uncertainty

The General Project in Management funded by National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC).(71172076)



Simulation and optimization of resource allocation and scheduling for container terminal

Ministry of Communications, P.R.C.(2011-329-810-450)



Integration of key optimization technology and its application for Modern container terminal operations system

Special funds for Shanghai local universities funded by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee(11510501800)



Simulation and modeling of resource-allocation optimization for container terminal based on dynamic demand

The innovation project of science research funded by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee(11YZ135)



Clustering Management of Sustainable Competences of ShanghaiInternationalShippingCenter

The Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government(2010-Z-60)



Generic Modeling and Simulation for Logistics System of Container Terminals

Committee of Shanghai Education (06FZ018)