[Mar 08] Qing Liu: Ship Pooling in the Containership Charter Market

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Ship Pooling in the Containership Charter Market
Qing Liu
Mar 08, 2018 08:30 to 10:30
RM.115,College of Transport and Communications

This presentation is about a research project: “Analysis of Containership Pooling and Benefit Sharing Scheme”. The overarching purpose of this project is to discuss and evaluate the benefits, concerns and potential market effects of ship pooling as a collaboration measures for containership owners. It is finished in three parts: Part One introduces ship pooling as a collaboration measures for ship owners (as the supplier of ships) in the containership charter market, as well as its benefits and concerns. Part Two will focus on the impacts of market power balance between the ship suppliers and the global liner/coalitions. In the final part of the project, revenue-sharing schemes for the ship pools will be discussed. A desirable scheme should possess characteristics such as stability and fairness and will be proposed based on Cooperative Game Theory and be compared with traditional Pool Point method. The traditional Pool Points method allocates the total pool revenue proportional to the contributed capacity of each owner.  In addition to some operational difficulties, an essential drawback of this method is that it neglects the additional benefits or costs added by certain owners because of the Economies of Scales effect. In this presentation, the project will be introduced with focus on Part One and Part Three.

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Prof. Dr. Qing Liu has been the chair and juniorprofessor for Maritime Economics at the University of Hamburg, Germany since May 2016. Before that, she has been the Director of Transportation Economics at Rahall Transportation Institute in U.S. for two years, and a Research Assistant at the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute in U.S. for five years. In the past, she had worked closely with United States federal agencies and state governments, and obtained external research funding and led transportation economics studies as the Principal Investigator for multiple projects. Now as the director for the Maritime Economics Research Center in Hamburg, she works closely with world-renowned shipping companies and HSH Nordbank. Dr. Liu obtained her doctorate degree in Transportation & Logistics at North Dakota State University, U.S. She also serves on several research committees globally.