[Jun 22] A Workshop for Meeting editors of Transportation Research Part D(r)

Meeting Editors of Transportation Research Part D – Transport & Environment


Time: 9-11 am on June 22, 2020 Monday, Beijing time

Voov (腾讯) Meeting ID: 874-381-162

Working language: Mandarin Chinese


In 2019, the acceptance rate of Transportation Research Part D is 18.8%, and about 8% of the papers submitted by scholars from mainland China were accepted for publication. This online workshop is to help authors understand the editorial process, submission requirements, and tips for publishing in the journal.


The presenters include four editors of the journal:

·Professor Xinyu Cao, University of Minnesota

·Professor Wai Yuen Szeto, University of Hong Kong

·Professor Xinkai Wu, Beihang University

·Professor Ying-En Ge, Shanghai Maritime University


Key points to be addressed include:

·How does the journal perform?  

·What is the decision-making process?

·What is considered plagiarism?

·What are submission requirements?  

·How to frame an introduction?

·How to write a literature review? 

·How should authors recommend reviewers?

·How do editors select reviewers?

·How do editors handle papers with contradictory recommendations?

·How should authors face a rejection?

·How should authors respond to review comments?


This workshop is organized jointly by

·College of Transport & Communications, Shanghai Maritime University, and

·School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Beihang University.