[Jun 03] Seminar

Topic: A Global Review of the Hinterland Dimension of Green Port Strategies

SpeakerProf. Jason Monios, Kedge Business School

Time: 2020/6/3 15:00-17:00  (GMT+8) 

Participation Path: https://voovmeeting.com/s/09HsAAsUUG89 (ID:435 807 104)


Abstract: Despite a growing literature on strategies to reduce emissions and other externalities in shipping and ports, very little attention has been given to the port’s role in reducing negative externalities in its hinterland. This paper addresses this gap by reviewing ports across the globe to identify which ports have implemented measures to improve the environmental performance of hinterland transport. Results show that only 76 out of 365 ports examined are doing so. The measures applied are identified, related to different goals and their challenges discussed. The most common measures are found to be technology improvements, infrastructure development and monitoring programmes, and the most advanced ports in green hinterland strategies are Rotterdam, Los Angeles/Long Beach and Hamburg, although many ports that are world leaders in green port strategies have not implemented measures in the hinterland dimension. Different port groups are segmented according to their mix of goals and measures as a foundation for future research.

Bio: Jason Monios is Associate Professor in Maritime Logistics at Kedge Business School, Marseille, France. His research areas include intermodal transport and logistics, port system evolution, collaboration and integration in port hinterlands, port governance and policy, institutional and regulatory settings, autonomous vehicles, port sustainability and climate change adaptation. He has led numerous research projects on these topics with a total budget of over €1m. He has over 100 peer-reviewed academic publications in addition to numerous research and consultancy reports, covering Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He has worked with national and regional transport authorities and co-authored technical reports with UNCTAD and UN-ECLAC. Jason is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and co-chair of the Intermodal Freight Transport SIG of the World Conference on Transportation Research Society (WCTRS), as well as a member of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME), the Port Performance Research Network (PPRN) and the Port Economics online initiative.