Jia Qian

jiaqian [at] shmtu.edu.cn
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☆2009-Now Shanghai JiaoTong University
Enterprise Management PhD
☆2007-2009 Shanghai Maritime University
Communications &Transport Planning & Management Master
☆2001-2005 Shanghai Maritime University
Communications & Transport Bachelor

Research Interests
Supply Chain Finance, Supply Chain risk management

☆Qian J, Luo J W. Research on the buyer’s optimal procurement policies when the main supplier’s capacity is random [J]. Journal of systems and management, 2014
☆Zeng S Q, Luo J W, Qian J. Supply chain coordination model based on trade credit contract under controllable lead time [J].Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2014
☆Qian Jia. Fuzzy inventory models of emergency supplies under uncertain environment [J]. Journal of Shanghai Maritime University Vol.31 No.1 Mar.2010

Research Projects
Involved in some important national projects and Shanghai projects on the issue of supply chain finance and supply chain risk management.