Bollore Logistics Group Opens Recruitment for SMU Students

On October 29th, 2019, the Bollore Logistics Company organized a job fair at the College of Transport and Communications of Shanghai Maritime University. The main purpose of it was basically to recruit fresh graduate students from SMU.

Founded in 1822, the Bollore Group is a diversified international group and obviously one of the 500 largest companies in the world. The group has over 500 branches present in 127 countries and more than 80,000 employees to date. Bollore Group maintains a strong market position in various business segments including but not limited to transportation, logistics, communications and media, and electricity storage. Bollore Logistics is the leading operator with regards to logistics services.

As the company’s main sector relates to logistics, both Chinese and International graduate students majoring in logistics management, shipping management and other related subjects were welcome to take part of the seminar. Showing a positive attitude, team spirit, strong communication and coordination skills, and English proficiency were some of the principal requirements expected from the students. In fact, due to the fact the company’s services cover almost the whole African continent, positions offered were mainly branches located in Africa. Many international students from Cameroon, Djibouti, Republic of Congo, Madagascar, and Ghana etc. showed their interest.

Mr. Steven Chen, the head of human resources department, made an interesting presentation for the students and outlined the company's major operations and huge service network in African continent through illustrations, and that definitely gave the students a deeper understanding of the uniqueness and the scope of business of Bollore Logistics. During his presentation, he also explained the MT project which is another component of their program.  Mr. Steven clarified the length of the project, the main work responsibilities, the operating mode, the characteristics of the project as well as and the recruitment requirements. The presentation was followed by a question/answer session, and those interested submitted a copy of their resume and participated to a one-on-one interview arranged in the end.

This fair set up a good information exchange platform for the graduates especially for the overseas students who are from Africa, among which some of them will get the opportunities to join Bollore one day. It is so glad that more and more excellent professional talents graduate from Shanghai Maritime University will contribute to the global shipping and logistics industry.